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"Great content. Some of my favorite moments in the training were the stories and experiences James shared about his experiences at various companies. Keep those coming and add even more where it makes sense."

- Cox Enterprise Workshop Attendee

"In his book, Know How, management guru Ram Charan wrote, "When you are precise in your observations and take the time to connect multiple points of information, you begin to zero in on the real stuff." Charan's comment could be cross-stitched on a pillowcase in the office of James H. Dallas. Dallas, the recently-retired senior vice president of quality, operations, and IT at Medtronic, has used keen observations and connections as the basis for his successes across multiple IT leadership roles." 

- Jill Dyche

'I have been to many training sessions, but this class was the most comfortable and authentic I have ever attended. Thank you Cherie and James for such a terrific couple of days."

- Cox Enterprise Workshop Attendee

"Thank you for doing an incredible job yesterday (Technology, Leadership, & Gender Parity POWER program presented by Women of AT&T)! You were simply amazing! Based on the overwhelmingly positive feedback we continue to receive about the event and you specifically, others absolutely agree with me. I am grateful for the opportunity to reconnect with you. I am most proud of you and all that you continue to represent. Yesterday was an amazing experience because of you. Your candor, your insights & widow; your sheer presence made all the difference in the world." 

- Theresa Spralling


"If you're going to participate in a corporate Webcast series, find someone as honest and engaging as James Dallas to film it with you. Dallas, the former CIO of Medtronic, is not only interesting, he also knows a thing or two about implementing advanced analytics projects."

- Keith Collins

"[In your strategy chapter] I was worried that you would be too high level and that you wouldn't have anything in there about how IT executives can jump-start change by being more strategic in their thinking. The field desperately needs this. Then I read the profile of H. James Dallas in the chapter and I realized that this problem had been solved wonderfully. I cheered when I read that profile!"

- Art Petty


"I wish James Dallas was the leader of my organization when I started leading analytics initiatives in IT years ago. He would have been a great coach and mentor - to help me learn the things I believe today about the roles of technology and culture change in this space, instead of me having to learn the hard way."

- Renee Nocker 

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