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To develop the world's most successful change leaders who make a positive difference in their organizations and communities. 

Change Management

In a recent Harvard Business Review survey, managers estimated that most change initiatives yield less than 50% of the projected results. We are committed to assisting leaders achieve 90% or greater of the results. Our experience shows that most change fails very early in the process because leaders start calling the plays before calling the players. Our process focuses on the four "Ps" of change that result in achieving the organizational alignment needed to obtain the desired outcomes.


The Ps are:

  • The Promise

  • The Politics

  • The Priorities 

  • The People


We provide the resources and expertise to assist leaders in assessing the four Ps and developing plans to address them. We are outcome-focused and work with both non-profit organizations and for profit companies. Our client list ranges from Fortune 500 companies to health care research, education, and clinical organizations.


Business & IT Alignment

The majority of business operations and strategies involve IT. The degree in which the business and IT are aligned from the beginning to the end of a change initiative will determine what percentage of the projected results will be achieved. We specialize in assessing the degree of alignment at critical stages within change initiatives. If the two are out of alignment, we work with leadership to develop and implement plans to adjust them.

Our process focuses on the three Cs of business/IT alignment:

  • Communication: Are they speaking the same language? Is there mutual respect?

  • Collaboration: Do they share the same goals and success metrics? How are disputes resolved and priorities set?

  • Coordination: Are they assessing risks the same way and are people with the right skill sets leading the project? Do update reports truly reflect the change initiative's status?


We provide over 30 years of experience leading change from both an IT and business perspective. We specialize in identifying disconnects and working with leadership to fix them. 

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